About us:

The company was founded in 1979 by Mr Bartolome Robles, and dealt with the Distribution and manufacturing of Computer accessories such as floppy boxes, workstations and archiving systems made of plastic. The strong demand led to a rapid growth and expansion of the product lines. With the beginning of the Millennium, the company focused heavily in the IT industry with the range of storage solutions, servers, networks, maintenance, Service, and Support. In 2007, Mr Robles handed over the responsibility for the company in the hands of Mr Jean Hasse Mr Hartwig Tebbe. The long-standing presence in the market for more than 25 years of experience in the IT business and the nationwide good name to vouch for quality, reliability and good partnership.
You benefit from our 30 years of experience in the area of computer accessories.
The resulting good business relations, we can supply you with products from all major manufacturers as an original merchandise in a certified good quality.
So our focus is on the distribution of new memory & hard drives for HP and IBM Server which we with a discount of 50 – 70% on the global price lists to sell. The product is new, original and sealed. 
We provide ribbons, ink cartridges and toner cartridges, for old printer.
With us your IT is running smoothly...
Information for the Survival of organizations is increasingly important and it is important to be sure that your own processes and information channels contribute to the crucial advantage to success. Our Knowledge and experience offers you this security, to maximise the economic and future-oriented benefits from the Use of your IT. Through the optimization of procedures and processes, we will show you potentials, which will enable you and your employees to focus on the actual tasks.
° Server, Networks, Maintenance
° Project planning, support, implementation
° Data backup and security concepts
° Integration of telephone systems
° Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, Nagios, VAXDSM, cache, Oracle ©
° The ideal Software solution TOPKONTOR for craftsmen ©
© The mentioned product names are the property of their respective companies
TopKontor Handwerk & Smart Craft
You are currently playing, perhaps with the idea of a cheap and powerful craft software to purchase, and explore the market? Then we would like to draw your attention to TopKontor craft, and smart craft.
What are the advantages of this Software?

Offer, Order, Invoice
- OP-management, Datev


- Very clear and uncluttered menus ( Ribbon technology )
- Absolute stability even with very large amounts of data ( e.g. GAEB-files with 
many hundreds of pages and embedded images! )
- All interfaces such as data standard, or GAEB are already integrated.
TopKontor craft, and smart craft are 60 days free to try!
The demo version of the smart craft, you can easily download it at the following Link:

The demo version of TopKontor Handwerk please contact with us.
We are always happy to hear from you!