1. Offers:
Our offers are always non-binding and subject to change
2. Orders:
Orders placed with us are subject to an effective agreement, our written order confirmation. It is only the confirmed agreements and our terms of sale apply, in the Rest of the law. Any deviating purchasing conditions of the customer are ineffective.
3. Calculation:
The calculation of our services is done in euros only, to be delivered to the valid prices and conditions, unless this differing agreements made by us are confirmed, and are subject to statutory value-added tax.
4. Retention of title:
The delivered goods remain until full payment of the purchase price, as well as all our claims from the entire business relationship, regardless of type, become our property. Only with restlosem account balance, the ownership of the goods delivered and invoiced the Goods to the buyer. This includes the cashing of all cheques, bills of exchange, acceptances, including compensation of the ancillary costs. In the case of resale of our goods delivered on credit, the buyer is obliged also to reserve ownership. The buyer restlosem account a balance in his payments, we have in §§ 43 and 46 of the German bankruptcy procedure, referred to claims on separation and replacement of segregation.
5. Delivery times:
Our information on delivery times and dates are only to be regarded as approximate, unless they are designated by us as Fixed. Delivery option, we reserve the right in all cases. Late payment penalties and claims for damages due to delayed delivery, except in the case of fixed transactions – are excluded, unless they are specifically agreed.
6. Defects:
Defects, except in case of hidden defects, or objections in relation to the quantity or weight of the delivered goods are excluded if since the receipt of the goods more than 8 days have elapsed. You are to be raised in the Rest of the writing. In the case of justified complaints, we reserve the right to provide, at our expense, in a reasonable period, a replacement gift of the defective goods against. Further claims of the buyer, except in the case of gross negligence, are expressly excluded. The buyer is obliged to check prior to use or resale the delivered goods are free of defects. Fail to delay to beat, or excessive – after warning on the part of the buyer of a replacement delivery, the buyer has the right corresponding reduction of our invoice, or cancellation of the contract.
7. Shipping:
All shipments shall be for the account and at the risk of the buyer. If, in the case of the order no specific instructions are given, will the shipping at our discretion, without any liability for cheapest shipping or arrival of the goods.
8. Packaging:
Packaging is calculated at the lowest price and not taken back.
9. Terms of payment:
Our invoices are due immediately and without deduction on receipt of the order is payable. Deviating provisions shall require our written confirmation. Acceptances and bills of exchange are not regarded as cash payment. Your assumption we need to reserve. In the case of acceptance of Bills of exchange and Switch to the discount expenses to be borne by the buyer.
10. Final provisions:
The place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Bielefeld, also for bill of exchange and cheque matters. Should individual provisions not be legally valid, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless.